Mike Causey:

It is time to Make Sense with Our Insurance

We need to break the Commissioner’s iron-grip control over our outdated insurance department and modernize it to better serve North Carolina consumers. It’s time North Carolina had an Insurance Commissioner that doesn’t play politics and reflects the conservative values and principles of most North Carolinians.


Mike Causey

The People's Choice for Insurance Commissioner.


Mike Causey will fight for more competition in North Carolina’s insurance industry which will help drive rates lower. Introducing competition in North Carolina insurance will increase opportunities for consumers to enjoy new and better insurance products and special discounts in insurance rates.

Consumer frustration.

Mike Causey will work to ease frustrations over consumers’ insurance claims. Too many people feel the current Insurance leadership needs to be more responsive and more transparent in the way they deal with consumer insurance claims.


Mike Causey will work to make the Commissioner’s office more accessible to consumers. We need better customer service. Mike believes real people answering phones in government offices is the best way to serve taxpayers.

Reform outdated Rate Bureau.

North Carolina is the only state in the country that still has a Rate Bureau – a vestige of days gone by when government control stifled free enterprise in the insurance industry. Mike Causey knows the consumer suffers in this system as they pay more for bad drivers and prop up an outdated process and will work to bring insurance reform.

Who is Mike Causey?

  • Small businessman, insurance agent, insurance agency owner

    He's actually lived the life and understands what is involved with the insurance industry.

  • 25 years in insurance industry

    Insurance is complicated. But, it doesn't need to be.

  • Military veteran - Military Police

    Mike Causey understands and follows the laws.

  • Family man who still runs the family farm in Guilford County

    Mike Causey is truly a humble "man of the people". He's not about status or fame. He's a man who cares about NC and wants to make a difference.


Change is needed

“The current NC Insurance Commissioner does not represent the conservative values of the majority of voters in North Carolina who have elected a Republican Governor and both houses of the General Assembly. Our insurance system in North Carolina needs to be updated and modernized. Our Insurance Commissioner should represent the values North Carolinians believe in and expect to be reflected in their state government.”

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Why it is important to elect Mike Causey NC Insurance Commissioner

Where he Will help you and your family.


Mike Causey will reform the NC Department of Insurance. NC taxpayers and businesses need relief from the high costs of insurance, the frustration involved in settling insurance claims, and not getting their questions answered at the NC Department of Insurance.


As Insurance Commissioner, Mike Causey would be on the front line fighting against the federal overreach into our lives with President Obama’s ACA program. Mike Causey would protect the interests of NC citizens and business when this federal boondoggle goes too far.

Saving YOU money

Despite the sweeping conservative reform of the past few years, the current leadership of the NC Department of Insurance is far more interested in staying in office than helping hard working North Carolinians like yourself save more money with lower insurance rates and newer products they could be enjoying with insurance reform and more competition.

It's Time for a Change

NC voters elected Republican majorities in both houses of the NC General Assembly, and elected a Republican Governor – but too many Council of State offices are still firmly under Democrat control. For Republican principles to truly take hold across state government, Republicans need to be elected in other offices like Insurance Commissioner. Under Democratic control for more than 100 years, the NC Department of Insurance is one of the last strongholds of the outdated, big government liberal culture of the last Democratic era. For our citizens to have more freedom, the end of this era is long past due.

Your Voice is heard

The NC Commissioner of Insurance is part of the powerful Council of State that votes with the Governor and other 8 Council members on urgent state matters like approval of banks and securities for state funds, and approval of all state land transactions. Right now, Democrats have the majority. In addition to Governor McCrory and Lt. Governor Forest, the only other Republican Commissioners currently are Cherie Berry (Labor) and Steve Troxler (Agriculture).

Experience Matters

The NC Commissioner of Insurance regulates insurance companies, agencies, agents and travel clubs – and also serves as the Chief Fire Marshal and Chief Building Inspector for the state – in charge of safety inspections and adherence to building codes. Mike Causey’s experience in all aspects of insurance management, construction (building codes), and property management - having been a farmer, a small business owner, and working at many jobs in the insurance business from agent to sales manager to general manager to agency owner – will help him serve consumers in a number of ways as NC Insurance Commissioner.

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The People's Choice for Insurance Commissioner.

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Take a moment and learn about what's involved with the office of the Commissioner. You will see that Mike Causey is the better choice for all of North Carolina. He wants to make sure you get the service you need as well as the savings you deserve.